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Like a thief in the night,

You swift away beautiful souls

Causing pains in the heart of men

 Like a sun that appears in the midst of snow you crushed the economy of nations

Leaving no nation  behind,

Should we curse biological science or embrace it.

All of a sudden we have lost the taste of love ,

Social distance has set us apart,

We don’t have access to our daily lives and activities,

We wake up to see figures but these are not money

We have packed your belonging, waiting for your departure

You  are  not a respecter of  tribe, race, influence,  gender or age.

Some times I wonder if  i can still hug when this is over

Individuals affected don’t even have time to hold the hands of their love ones before dying

How do I tell the story to my unborn kids

About a year that i washed my  hands without expecting foods,

My hands changed colour because of constant washing

Sitting at home without lights,

Having  my school program extended

Playing virtual love

Losing my clients

We love the way we use to be

Leave and never return

With all the money spent on you.

With all the death recorded

You still remained

We advice you go and never return.

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