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It is pathetic how the current pandemic have slowed the economy of the entire world, businesses have seized to be in their full potentials and this will still affect business ones after the crises(post-corona) already there is inadequate regulation of cash, , we all wonder the fate of individuals that need to step daily inorder to eat. The wheelbarrow pushers, a bus conductor, hair stylist, fashion designers, bus drivers, sales representatives…. The list is endless.

If the covid 19 is the only problem we are facing , it would have been easy to sort out but we are facing a stronger virus that is inbuilt, a virus that can affect human coordination, productivity and achievement of set goals. This virus is called “HUNGER”, this virus killed a lot of people during the war and is still killing. The United Nation sdg’s goal 2 is zero hunger and for people to be free of hunger they will also not be poor.

Within a twinkle of an eye most countries are already borrowing creating debt for their 4th generation, something tells me that in years to come most countries that are in huge debt as a result of this pandemic will be used as collateral to the countries they borrowed from.

To restart after covid-19 will be difficult for countries that are indebted, how can a country who does not provide amenities for it’s citizens borrow money from other countries, where and who do they expect to pay the debt?

The cry of many nations is this “ we rather die of immediate hunger than to be in a country that is so much indebt without any clue of how to pay it” Because living in debt is living in bondage.

What then can we say about the stock market? I think they are out of stock….lol…they have actually gone down, imaginably down and we don’t know when they will rise. The tech market is also making a huge money this time around while the exportation and importation market is downsized.. How then can countries that depend on others for different products cope in a time like this?

An entrepreneur who does not integrate the digital skill in daily activities is affected because more sales are done online, millions of people can be reached in a limited time range, the digital marketing and virtual platforms are already the lead of the day, more apps are created on a daily basis…. Everything made easy because of technology.

But what happens when the goods in the stores are detoriating? Most consumable goods that have expiration dates attached to them are already spoiling, besides most traders purchase and credit or pay 50% upfront once their goods are being delivered, what will be their fate now… will the company give a discount or will they lose everything? Who is to be blame?

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