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Meet baby Kenisha who become a CEO at 6weeks, that’s very amazing you know. Parents pay a very vital role in the beginning of a child’s life and can help structure the financial steps of their children, only few parents understand saving and investing for their baby. Why do most parents spend the money given to their children at birth, during dedication, birthday and other celebrations? Some even tell their kids that the money is for the food they have been eating in the house… Kenisha’s parents understand what it means to start an early investment plan for a child and this lead to the opening of “ZANISHEMPIRE” if you want your child to go to the best school you should plan before you get married, continue strategizing the ways to execute the plans and spend wisely. Most parents believe in saving than investing while others believe that tomorrow will take care of itself but strategic planning is very important to everybody, you have to plan your life before you can plan for others.
Kenisha is an amazing and unique baby whose parents used the money given to her at birth and child dedication to launch a business for her. Is so wonderful to see parents who care about their children welfare and finance and also strategize to move them forward in life. During her dedication, her perfume business was launched which raised a high sales rate from that day. Unlike many babies, she loves everything that has connection with technology, at 3months she could fast forward a playing movie, change the music in her toy car and frowns each time she is being distracted from watching a movie, music from her phone or laptop.
Her best companion is anything that is digitally connected, she can distinguish good and bad sound by turning or shaking her heads and love to see moving objects on the screen, once the screen of the computer is on, she can sit for hours without stressing her parents. I won’t be surprise if she starts coding at early age because of how she gets attached to gadgets around her.
Who will believe that a child of 6months will have 3 businesses running for her while she sends everyone to work in the house, planning is very important for every child as it helps to reduce financial stress from the family.

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