Brazil has the second highest COVID 19 cases in the world.

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At the beginning the whole world was praying for Italy, as the pandemic tragedy swept them off but today Brazil is the focus, a country with many medical a facilities yet this week they became the second most infectious country worldwide after United States with over 330,000 confirmed cases. Most health practitioners have revealed that the Corona virus is one of the worst experience they have ever gotten in their professional years of practice.

They have lost not just people but alone their fellow health practitioners, just today another colleague was tested positive, the damage caused by the virus is not just lives but properties, economy and break in affection because of the social distance.

Already Emilio Ribas hospital did not have enough bed space for patients before the number went up, yet staffs are dying from the virus, with the strict measures in the lock down system , face masks usage, social distance and other abiding rules yet Brazil are experiencing more death.

Jair Bolsonaro called it a little flu and the citizens keep wondering how can a little flu kill thousand? Is flu a new sickness to mankind?, but what aid is needed most now… since medicine is not assuring quick recovery why not embrace the herbal medicine..

If more health practitioners are tested positive then there will be more fear in the hearts of other citizens. What is the fate of Brazil citizens on this?

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