How to maintain a good oral hygiene in this pandemic.

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The use of facemask to help prevent the spread of COVID 19 is very important but there’s alot of negligence on the importance of maintaining oral hygiene in this period.

Some people may not see the importance of brushing more often or consuming healthy foods that can help in oral health, the main focus is on how to boost immunity, i keep asking this question how do you communicate with people?

If you remove your facemask can people around you breath? Do you know that a good oral health boost one’s confidence? When last did you change or wash your facemask? Do you know that halitosis can cause low-self esteem.

To maintain a good oral health endevour to do the following

(1) Brush your teeth twice in a day preferably with warm water

(2) Rinse your mouth after taking a spice food before requesting for mint bubble gum or candy

(3) Always eat cucumber, it helps in oral hygiene.

(4) Consume nutritious diet.

Do you know that a slice of cucumber held in the mouth for 20minutes traps the bacterias and boost oral hygiene.

Always remember that oral health matters

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    Thanks for your lovely advice on this. It was really helpful. I tried eating the cucumber yesterday but couldn’t finish one😄. I used the method you posted…(ie peeling off the back) and l was able to eat up to half.
    Now that l know that CUCUMBER TRAPS THE BACTERIAS IN THE MOUTH, l will try and be eating it…..l have done lots of extraction and l don’t want anyother tooth ache or extraction.
    Thanks Ephymedics.

    1. admin

      You are welcome, you can also use cucumber for bread spread and for smoothie, it is a fruit that fills one up easily.

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