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What comes to your mind with the picture above, a beautiful colour and attractive bicycle, ofcourse everybody would want to ride on it because it’s beautiful, the same applies to the human body we all love beautiful things and colour food. Imagine how your body will feel if is being served such colourful meal on a daily basis, is always ideal to admire good things, follow the footsteps and then be consistent in the practice to achieve a better result.

The more colorful a meal is, the more nutritious it will become, a nutritious meal is made up of rainbow, this simply means it contains different colour, alot of vegetables and all these have there function in the human body.

Can you go on a journey without your ears or hands, the answer is NO, this simply implies that you shouldn’t eat until your plate is colour, remember most times when we complain about food being expensive during the preventive stage, we don’t complain about it during the curative stage.

Why can’t we be consistent and maintain a healthy lifestyle, do you know that a healthy lifestyle a major step to live a disease-free life. The older generations enjoyed nutritious meal, they had home garden, eat fresh soups on daily basis and they didn’t suffer most of the diseases we are having today.

Do you know that children copy their parents eating habit, this should make parents to endevour to show a good example to their children, if you are a picky eater is easier for your child to be a picky eater, if you like only one particular food is also easy to copy, encourage them to eat right even in your absence and set the pace.

If a juice pack cost #100, you can use that same amount to buy vegetable and any fruit of your choice.

Remember when choosing a nutritious food consider food safety, natural and alkaline foods.

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