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65% of my family members are fat and my friends keep reminding me that I will soon be like them, nothing makes me feel so uncomfortable like adding weight but I’m a foodie, I love to try new recipes at the same time I want to have my flat tummy and weigh 60kg as long as I eat.

Kim’s wedding was around the corner and I needed to fit in the sexy chief bridesmaid dress that was sent from one of the best bridal shop in the world, I had just 1week to the occasion, this means if is not my size within 7days I will not be the chief bridesmaid for the event. The order arrived late and I added weight because I thought the wedding wouldn’t come soon because of the pandemic.

Kim has been my childhood friend and we promised ourselves that whosoever gets married first, the second person will be the bridesmaid…

How can I miss an opportunity that I have waited for all my life, I set a 7days strict guideline to lose weight, I bought skipping rope, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but I never skipped meal.

After 7days I noticed that I loss 5kg, that was amazing as I quickly rushed to try the dress on, wow it was looking so lovely on me,

Weightloss is very achievable if you are discipline but maintaining of weight is usually the problem.

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    Waoo, that’s great.
    Congratulations on the weight lost😀👍👏

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