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As a kid, I called every brand of chocolate ‘tea’ and still called the mixture of chocolate, milk and sugar ‘tea’. I bet a good number of people haven’t outgrown this mistake. Your highlights on tea would be on another good day.
Let’s talk about the commonest breakfast in a Nigerian home.
Chocolate milk is a delicious, hot or cold, cocoa-flavored milk drink. This beverage is created when chocolate powder is mixed with milk (evaporated or powder) and sometimes, sugar.
With it’s high protein nutrient, chocolate milk is a great choice for children. As a kid, I always looked forward to gulping down a glass of what I called ‘tea’. It can also give the immune system a boost.
Chocolate milk contains calcium and vitamin D, which is important for preserving cartilage and bones.
Chocolate milk is also perfect for a post-workout session. It provides carbohydrates, proteins and other necessary nutrients required for muscle growth.

With the aforementioned benefits, there’s a catch. Now, you wanna be moderate in taking your chocolate milk. Why’s that? A cup of chocolate milk contains about 200 calories and that can lead to weight gain.
Cocoa, on the other hand, has agents that fights tooth decay but added sweeteners like milk and sugar can cause cavities
The bottom line is moderation.

Preparing chocolate milk, you’ll need 2 teaspoons of chocolate powder, 1 teaspoon of sugar and 2 teaspoons of powdered milk or quarter/ half tin of evaporated milk.

There’s no special preparation, just add everything together, then add half glass of hot or cold water(or no water at all for those using evaporated milk)
And voila! You’re good to go. Consuming it with pastries or however you please.


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