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Does rest give the same benefits as sleep? What are the benefits of sleep actually? Can I stay healthy by just resting? Do I need more rest than sleep? Do I need more sleep than rest? Are both rest and sleep co-related?
These and more questions are spiraling the minds of a lot of people in regards to living a healthy life. Then, there’s napping. I usually wake up many hours later after I had told myself I just wanted to nap. From napping, my mind floats away and I’m left in a different world. My body probably needed that sleep due to maybe stress, fatigue, illness et cetera. Or maybe my body just wanted to sleep and I gave in without hesitation.
First things first, what are rest and sleep really on about? Rest is a state in which you’re aware of what goes on around you but not actively engaged in anything, whereas sleep is a state where you’re not aware of what goes on around you because an involuntary activity takes place in your brain and body. Fatigue and stress might make you think you need more sleep than rest. That’s not entirely false. Because what you may need is just to raise your legs up, eyes closed, headsets in your ear and let the music take over you. This can help you and your organs relax. Deep breathing exercises and mindful meditations are also forms of rest you can try out.
On the other hand, resting does not really increase your ability to retain new information. Sleep helps you retain properly. 
In essence, your body needs both rest and sleep. Think of rest as giving yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of daily living. Think of sleep as your body going on a daily vacation. Give your body a chance to do either of the two or both.


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