Irrigation Farming

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Irrigation farming has proven very effective since time immemorial because of it’s help to water-hungry crops and drought areas.Irrigation is the artificial application of controlled amounts of water to plants at intervals. Water is essential for plant growth. If these plants do not have access to water, they may just die off. Irrigation comes with a solution to help places without regular rainfall and quench the thirst of plants. Irrigation uses underground water, surface water or just water delivered to the plants. Some sources of water for irrigation include wells, canals, dams et cetera.Asides from sustaining plant roots with water, irrigation helps to suppress the growth of weed in grain fields. It makes dry lands fertile and maintains landscape. And most importantly, irrigation creates massive yields in plants.The Early men, in their own way, had ways they tried to make water available to all the plants, crude and labour intensive ways though, but we’re grateful for technology.With the help of some innovative minds, easy and fast methods of irrigation were introduced.  Methods that have proven fast, effective and efficient. There are two popular modern irrigation method. The first is the Drip Irrigation method. It is the most popular and efficient. In this method, pipes are laid in rows near the plants with holes in them. The water drips from those holes, hence, the name Drip Irrigation.The second method is the kind that tries to perform the function of rainfall. It is the Sprinkler method. The sprinklers distribute the water across the field. This appears to be the method of irrigation with the most coverage.


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