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Environment has a role to play in our choice of meal for dinner. Growing up in Nigeria, I always had a heavy meal for dinner. It wasn’t just my family and I. Everybody I knew usually had heavy dinner. It was like a norm. I’m sure they were persons trying to follow nutritional ethics by having a light dinner and eating early, but a good number chose to make it really heavy. When I think about it now, I’m like ‘who wants to go to bed after the day’s stress with just fried plantain and egg sauce?”. Funny. But for the good of your health, you have got to cultivate the lifestyle of a light dinner.
Heavy meals are for lunch. During lunch, give it your all. You deserve it after a stressful morning. Now wait right there. I know you’ve as well had a stressful day and should go for a heavy dinner, now hold that thought. There’s a high chance of gaining weight when you take a heavy meal for dinner. While the body is not so active at night, eating a heavy meal impounds the digestion process. In fact, the food doesn’t digest at all and is rather stored as fat.
Studies show that a heavy meal at night gives one a reduced sleep. Why? Your body is ‘trying’ to digest the food taken at night and as such, the blood supply to the brain is reduced and channeled to the stomach for digestion (which doesn’t eventually work). The brain needs nourishment when at rest or asleep, but it doesn’t get that because your stomach took that privilege.
People also tend to appear weak, sluggish and tired the next day after a heavy dinner. The bottom line is to eat a light and healthy dinner. It gives you a morning devoid of nausea, fatigue and all what not.


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