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Campus life brought with it a lot of cooking hacks. Appropriate and inappropriate. Students tried a lot of recipes in the name of cooking. Students did a lot of combination in the name of cooking. Just to sustain life.
Dimma had been my friend since we were kids. Attended the same primary and secondary school. Now, same University. Dimma had always been weird from day one. She was an expert in food combination. Dimma could eat scrambled egg and egusi soup, White Rice and okra soup, akara balls and mayonnaise. She was capable of doing any food combination you could think of.
That fateful day, we were supposed to read together for an upcoming quiz in class. Ten minutes into the reading, Dimma complained of being very hungry. This was someone I met scrapping a pot of rice to consume every particle when I arrived.o
She said she wanted to make noodles. Oh wow! Pastas are just so cool for me. I asked she included mine.
I kept myself busy with my phone. Moving my fingers on the keypad, laughing and smiling at whatever it was I found funny on my screen.
I began to perceive the aroma. Sweet. Exciting. My stomach was ready.
Before me was a soup bowl containing liquid like broth filled to the brim of the bowl and a bit of noodles on the surface. Is this the Nigerian version of Ramen? Or morelike Dimma’s version. She would have to get me a spoon to scoop the water. While I processed this in my mind, Dimma was at the other end of the room with a shredded loaf of bread in one hand. She took a chunk. Pressed it together and dipped it into the water-induced noodles. Then, with her fork, she took the noodle into his mouth. What in noodles name was this?
There are many awkward and appropriate recipes to preparing noodles. The meal is a “do and eat” kind, so most people do not take their time in making it stand out The meal is starchy on its own, so try as much as possible to enrich it. This will do you real good.


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