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By now, I’d be chatting with my peers on whose Christmas chicken was bigger and whose Christmas was going to be more lit to say now, I’d be getting ready to show off my Christmas clothes, shoes and definitely, the hair in church.
Well, I grew up. That’s what happened and I knew better. On the contrary, a lot of people haven’t grown up, yet, they are grown and still have my childish idea of what Christmas was. Now, what’s your definition of Christmas? A celebration for the birth of Jesus? Well, that’s right. A season where we have mad fun? Not bad. A period where we have Hangouts and burn down the whole place with parties? Not bad either. A period where we eat, drink and make merry? Definitely not bad. Let this sink. There’s more to Christmas than just eating and drinking and hanging out. Those are really cute things to do to celebrate Him, but in a bid to do all that, we forget the reason for the season.
Christmas is not just a season. It’s a feeling. So whenever you give and show love and care to people despite the period, it’s Christmas.
That lady with just one pair of slipper probably needs a new pair. Your neighbour is probably going to starve on Christmas day. That guy always wears the same pair of pants to the office everyday. That little girl covered in dirt, in a torn underwear and barefoot needs some care. However you can, show some love this Christmas. Cultivate the Christmas spirit.
Happy Christmas Eve!!!


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