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Just when we thought harmattan may decide to hit next year, boom! It appeared with it’s usual fierce breeze and wind.
Harmattan season is actually my favourite season despite the fact that it comes with scarcity of water and the dust that wells up in the atmosphere during this season is too much and bad for an asthmatic patient, it’s still my favourite season.
In Harmattan, clothes have like a maximum of 30 minutes to dry. I could have an event by 5pm and I wash my cloth by 4:30pm, my cloth is so going to dry perfectly. That’s the magic of the Harmattan! It’s dryness is special.
While people in Europe and other parts of the world have to deal with wearing gloves, coats, socks and boots during winter to keep warm, well, we in Nigeria have to sort of do the same to keep ourselves warm and safe from the fierce cold of the harmattan.
The breeze is legendary. Usually, we bolt all windows and doors to keep the breeze from blowing stuff away. Even when everywhere is shut, you can still hear the howling of the wind.
One way to deal with the cold of the Harmattan season is to bathe with a mixture of hot and cold water, no, I don’t mean warm water. The water should have much concentration of hot water. It saves you from the feeling that you poured ice blocks on yourself or the feeling that you’re literally naked in the middle of a street in Europe during winter after having your bath.
Then, I don’t need to emphasize on covering yourself. You know what you gotta do. Happy Harmattan!


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