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Two thousand and twenty (2020) has been an awkward year. The year came with its own turbulence. A year with a disease that hit the whole world and has killed millions in just a year. Other parts of the world faced other great challenges. Do you know the beautiful thing about the whole situation? The fact that you and I are alive and I’m writing this and you’re reading this. That’s the beautiful thing about the whole situation. We are alive and we’re stepping into two thousand and twenty-one (2021).
In that note, let your mind race back to how you spent your 2020. What did you do right? What did you do wrong? What ways will you improve? 2021 is here and its imperative you think about the year and how fruitful you want it to be.
90% of people who write down their goals for the year at the beginning of the year don’t end up achieving that goal. Why’s that? This 90% are not goal-conscious. They write their goals down just for the fun of it. Just to be identified as people who ‘will’ have a glorious year. Sometimes they start up with this zeal and fire to get their year right but in the long run, the fire but dies. Probably because the pattern to achieving their goal was hard and they couldn’t keep up. The other 10% are busy strategizing and turning their goals into plans. That is why they end up achieving most, if not all of their goals for the year.
Let’s join the 10%. Write your goals down and mean it. How do you want to double your finances in 2021? Write it down and plan towards it. What about that scholarship abroad? Strategize and get it done. Do you want to change the things that go on in your spiritual life by 2021? It’s all on you to take the bold step. The world is waiting. Have a prosperous New year!


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