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Medicines are basically for treating and curing diseases and relieving pain. Just the way you need medicine to cure you, you need your food to cure you too. The essence of today’s article is to make you see reasons why your meal should be taken with so much care because it can be your poison and your medicine. But we are in for the medicinal aspect.
Your food has to be that which relieves you and cures you but sometimes it works differently for some people because much care is not taken towards the preparation of that meal.
If you hope to improve your health, let your food be your medicine. From the preparation to the eating, all must be taken with so much care so the food can perform it’s medicinal purpose.
Some people are comfortable having just carbohydrates the whole day. As much as carbohydrates keep you energized, you’re losing other basic nutrients by feasting just on carbohydrates. Try to balance your meals. This is the part where you say its expensive to apply all six classes of food to your diet. Well, not so expensive. If you’re going to have rice, try not to have a bland and empty rice. Some salad can act as your vitamins. Cooked egg or meat, your protein. Then, you can wash it all down with a glass of orange juice. Is it that expensive? I don’t think so. When you’ve taken this into consideration, why would you have to suffer from some health diseases? Except the food is not properly cooked, that’s when it becomes a problem and can result to food poisoning.
So while you cook and eat your meals, have it at the back of your mind that your meal should be your medicine.

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