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amazing fruit is called Udara in the Eastern and Southern part of Nigeria, and Agbalumo in the West. It’s globally recognized as The African Star Apple. This fruit is known for it’s sweet-sour taste. This is because it tastes kind of sour and weird when its unripe, but very sweet, no exaggeration, I mean very sweet when it’s ripe. The flesh of the fruit is gummy and can be chewed to gum. The only difference between an actual gum and the Udara gum is that the Udara gum isn’t blown to small or big circles like most people do. The seeds of Udara are also delicious. While growing up, I’d eat the skin of the seed, then open the seed in two. With each part gummy, I’d fix it on my earlobe to act as earrings. Childhood
Unlike fruits like orange, watermelon et cetera that do not have a season, Udara comes out during the dry season and disappears after that until the next dry season. This fruit has some interesting health benefits.
Udara is said to be a natural antioxidant that helps fight diseases like cancer. The fruit contains vitamin C which helps to protect against heart diseases, health issues, ageing problems etc.
Have you noticed that most pregnant women love Udara? Well, this is mostly because the acidic taste of Udara prevents the urge to vomit during morning sickness.
Udara helps treat mouth problems like toothache, mouth gum disease and others like sore throat.


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