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With the Corona Virus still rendering lives useless, face mask has become an essential part of our dressing. In some parts of the world, the face mask is still compulsory and in some parts of the world, the face mask is an if-you-still-want-to-wear-it thing and some just don’t take it serious anymore.
The truth remains that the face mask is a part of dressing. Wherever you go, you put it on or have it in your bag for special reasons. After dressing up for work and you look all ravishing, the face mask has got to be included in the whole attire.
The interesting thing is that the mask is not so off from someone’s clothing. It blends perfectly with people’s clothing. It also gives a professional touch. The creativity Nigerians put into the face mask is tremendous. Whilst most people use the disposable clinical face masks, some people choose to use the ones made by Nigerians and made with fabrics like Ankara, silk, poly etc.
Ankara fabric is usually colorful. Imagine when it has a matching dress and a face mask. It’s usually adorable. For corporate attires, poly materials also gives wonderful face masks perfect for that corporate look.
With face mask becoming part of dressing, Nigerian tailors are getting creative and making you look super gorgeous in it.


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