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Palm trees are among the most unique, outlandish and recognizable trees in the world.
While most people associate palms with the beach, there’s a whole lot to the palm tree than just beach. Palm trees are actually mostly found in the forest. Some refer to palm trees as the “Princes of the Vegetable Kingdom”. There are over two thousand species of palm trees throughout the world. Some palms are grown in vessels and serve ornamental purposes. This specie is usually small. The palm tree is actually tall and can grow up to a hundred and fifty feet. The leaves (fronds) and fruits make the tree stand out.
The leaves of the Palm are large and known as fronds. The leaves are of two types: The palmate and the pinnate. The palmate are like the fingers on the hands. They grow in a bunch
at the end of the stem. The pinnate grow directly on either side of the stem. The fronds are used in making brooms. It is also utilized in making broom-knitted baskets, chairs, mats etc
The fruits of the Palm tree are another essential commodity. The most recognizable is the coconut. The coconut is edible and has coconut milk which is used in cooking, baking etc. Other palms produce dates, palm kernel, which also produces palm oil and palm nuts. The fibre of the Palm kernel serves as feed for squirrel.


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