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If I were to compare the cold of the Harmattan in Nigeria to the cold of the winter, I really wouldn’t know which to say was the coldest. I have only experienced one physically. The other one I have experienced by reading and watching the TV screen. In Nigeria, we don’t really wear all those overalls to keep warm but the cold is nasty, but Europeans and the Americans have to cover from head to toe whether indoor or outdoor to trap the cold.Meeting the legendary winter face-to-face was an exhilarating and frightful experience. I was not really bothered about wearing double clothing, putting on scarves, boots and all of those things used to protect from cold. I arrived the airport in my thick coat, some gloves, Jean pants and a pair of flats. When the cold chills hit me was when I understood what my friend meant when she said “It’s winter here. Wear clothes that cover everywhere while coming”.Like my guardian angel who knew I would wear whatever I pleased, my friend arrived with woolen hats, scarves, extra thick gloves, some boots, a pair of

woolen socks, an extra inner clothing. All for the winter!We arrived our destination, we removed the extra clothing and she turned on the heater to  keep us warm. She served me with a hot chocolate first.Throughout my stay in Canada, I figured that people concentrated on meals that helped with thermogenesis. Meals that aided in the process of keeping the body warm and most of the time, these meals are served hot to keep the chills at bay. Caffeines, soups, stews, and porridges were on a regular basis. Supplements like ginger and turmeric tea are natural warming herbs and were used too.


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