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It is totally normal for the vagina to have some sort of odour after or during activities like menstruation, and intercourse. The scent is usually metallic during menstruation.¬†The odour becomes unusual when it becomes persistent. It’s usually disturbing and something has to be done about it.¬†Practicing a good hygiene is ultimate in avoiding vaginal odour. Claims have been made that it’s wrong to wash the vagina area with soap but sprinkling of water in the area appears to the best. That isn’t exactly wrong. You can use a gentle soap to wash the outside area. The labia is the sensitive part and soap often burns it, that’s where sprinkling of water comes in. During menstruation or after intercourse, it’s best to wash the entire body often. It helps reduce vaginal odour. The choice of panties is also necessary. Cotton panties are the best. Cotton does an excellent job absorbing sweat and fluids comfortably in the vagina area. Also, change your under wears often. If the odour persists and results to a fishy smell, it’s best to visit your doctor for further procedure.

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