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The kidney basically performs the job of turning waste products in the body into urine. When your kidney cannot perform it’s job properly, it affects the entire body. That state of not performing it’s function well most of the time constitutes a kidney disease. This condition will require a kidney transplant or the person may lose his or her life in the process. It can also build up other problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, anaemia etc. This shows how linked the kidney is to the parts of our body.
The kidney is a vital organ and kidney disease is very common in the world. Take a look at the top basic facts about Kidney disease. As stated, kidney disease is very common and is one of the leading cause of death in different parts of the world.
Kidney disease affects the heart. In fact, the leading cause of death for kidney patients is heart failure. It is advised to maintain healthy blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels.
About 80% of people with kidney disease do not know they have it. This is mostly because early kidney disease does not give warning signs until it’s advanced and you begin to see symptoms like change in urination et cetera.
Excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking can lead to a kidney disease and worsen it. Heavy drinking can lead to high blood pressure and that is bad.
Kidney patients often think they’re already fine due to proper therapy and medication. Do not think you can stop taking treatment as a kidney disease patient because you ‘feel fine’. Continue until your doctor says otherwise.
Finally, your risk of a kidney disease increases with your age. People who are advanced in age are at risk of developing kidney disease because most of the cause of the disease are at the climax in that age like diabetes, high cholesterol etcetera.

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