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Malnutrition is a condition when a person’s diet supplies less or too much or does not supply any of the required nutrients. There are other severe conditions relating to not having enough or any nutrients, like kwashiorkor. Kwashiorkor is like a severe form of malnutrition. This is the condition of lacking all the basic nutrients. Marasmus results from nutritional deficiency. This one gives your body little mass. 
People suffering from malnutrition lack appetite or interest in food or drink. This is the basic symptom of malnutrition. Tiredness, irritability, depression and anxiety sets in. Loss of fat and also an unusual development of fat, that is, obesity, amongst other symptoms.

at risk of suffering from malnutrition are old people, people in developing or underdeveloped countries where there is food insecurity. 
Fighting malnutrition in food scarcity is like a two-year old trying to climb Mount Everest. Food scarcity can be at the individual, national or global level. At the global or national level, it can be that food is not provided anymore due to drought, pest or too much moisture. When this is the case, fighting malnutrition becomes very hard.
The bottom line is that malnutrition in food scarcity is like a dead end.


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