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This has been an age-long question but depends on the angle you view it from. Let’s get the definition of a fruit first. A fruit is the mature and fleshy part of a plant enclosing the seeds. Examples include oranges, apples, watermelons et cetera. Vegetables are the edible portions of some herbaceous plants like roots, stems, leaves, flowers. Examples of things can be considered vegetables include lettuce, carrot, cabbage et cetera. Also, in some cultures and places, vegetables are incorporated in cooking actual food while fruits serve as snacks or desserts.
Tomato is fleshy, contains tiny seeds and can be eaten raw. That makes it a fruit, right? Not so quick. The fact that tomato is mostly used in cooking makes it a vegetable. To a farmer, tomato is a fruit. To a chef, tomato is a vegetable. Simply put, tomato is both a fruit and a vegetable. 

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