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For years, medicinal plants have proven to be effective in curing a lot of diseases. One of such medicinal plant is the Bitter kola seeds (Garcinia kola). It’s known as Aki ilu in Igbo, Namijin goro in Hausa and Orogbo in Yoruba. Bitter kola has been used for centuries to treat a lot of ailments. The seed is chewed. The bark and roots of the plant are also medicinal. 
Research has stated that bitter kola has snti-malaria properties. The bark, stem and seed of bitter kola have anti-malaria properties.
It has been used for ages to treat chest colds. Bitter kola improves lungs and respiratory functions thereby treating symptoms of catarrh and cough. This is because of the high anti-oxidant in bitter kola.

Osteoarthritis is mostly as a result of aging, obesity and joint injury. This form of arthritis causes pain and inflammation. Studies have shown that Bitter kola has anti-inflammatory effects on patients with osteoarthritis.
Bitter kola and weight loss go together. The medicinal plant has been known to suppress hunger and increase the urge to drink more water.

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