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After a Season of dust welling up in the atmosphere, hot temperature sets in and makes staying indoors and outdoors uncomfortable at the same time, in due time, the water droplets in the cloud condense into one another, the droplets keep growing and when it gets heavy, it falls into the earth as rain.
Usually when rain falls for the first time after months of dry atmosphere and dusty surroundings, the water mixes with the dust to give out a sweet dusty scent to the environment. Dust and water mixed together gives this clayey scent that makes you want to eat earth.
Wet season is the season for most crops to yield. In fact, most crops thrive during wet season. That is why most farmers anticipate wet season because it helps their commercial and subsistence farming.

On the other hand, wet season disrupts events because the rain comes unexpectedly and disrupts one’s plans for the day. During wet season, our clothes do not dry quickly anymore. Some places and areas do not do well during wet season because the area is waterlogged and makes living unconducive for its inhabitants. A heavy rainfall can result in flooding that damages properties and renders lives hopeless.
Each season has its pros and cons. We hope to see more pros than cons.

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