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There’s no controversy as to whether pepper is a fruit or a vegetable. To some, it’s neither because they cannot possibly eat raw pepper like a fruit or vegetable. Hear this: not all peppers are hot and some of them are intentionally eaten raw. A fruit is the mature and fleshy part of a plant that encloses the seeds. The main thing is that a fruit contains seeds and pepper has a lot of tiny seeds. This is a basic foundation as to why pepper is associated with fruit.
With over 30 species around the world, pepper seems to be a necessary spice in our cuisines even if it’s a tiny bit. This is because the hotness it exhumes is required most times or it is just needed to work magic with tomatoes in meals. On the other hand, some persons are addicted to the hotness that comes with some peppers. This is typical of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria who are known to be into pepper so badly. When eating their meals, it’s expected to have a gallon of water standby for when the tears start rolling.

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