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As the growth of a baby is paramount, so is the brain. A baby’s ability to be a smartass is not so dependent on the school, classroom teacher or parents the baby has, it is also dependent on the meal the baby takes on a daily. A kind of meal that keeps the brain healthy, boosts the understanding, sharpens and shapens the mind.
One of such meals are eggs. Studies show that eggs help kids concentrate. It is advised that eggs are incorporated in the meals of kids, in their lunch pack, for breakfast and maybe for dinner.
There’s green veggies. They are said to contain follate and vitamins that help to prevent dementia. For some kids, feeding them green vegetables is like a battle. Therefore, make it fun for them by either including little of pumpkin leaf in scrambled eggs or anything different from the usual that will not make them take to their heels.
Other kid-friendly meals like oatmeals are amazing for growing kids. Fish is also another interesting food. These and more boosts the brain of babies

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