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Local spices were majorly used back in the days before the advent of companies and industries that specialize in packaging and reprocessing these spices. Local spices have this aura of naturalness. When it’s used in cooking, the taste buds are more heightened than when one is cooking with processed local spices. The flavour that these local spices give out is alluring. Another interesting thing about these local spices is that some of them act as medicine that cure certain illnesses.
One of these effective local spices is locust bean. It has some sort of an unpleasant smell but gives out an amazing local flavour in soups and stew. Locust bean is commonly called Ogiri in Igbo, ịrụ in Yoruba and Dadawa in Hausa.

Another popular one is Uziza leaves. It’s mostly used in Nigerian cuisines and herbal medicine. It gives out a bitter taste and it serves anti-inflammatory purposes. Some cook the leaves to extract the water and take it with shot bottles because it is said to cure malaria and flush the body system of infirmities. It is also used in meals as a raw vegetable.
Other local spices include ehuru, also known as African nutmeg, scent leaf and the rest. These local spices mentioned above are naturally from the earth. They do not have any sort of infiltration or chemical mixing in them. They give out their naturalness in full dose and possess quantum health benefits.

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