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The three-leaved yam is also called bitter yam, cluster yam or Dioscorea dumetorum. It has other names depending on the culture of the people that use it. It is mainly cultivated in the Eastern part of Nigeria and some parts of Gabon, all in Africa.
Bitter yam is not your regular yam that you practice different yam recipes with. Bitter yam is not taken with the intention to enjoy it as breakfast, lunch or dinner like other yam recipes. Bitter yam basically possesses medicinal benefits. People mostly take it to cure diabetes, stomach pain, menstrual disorders and other malfunctions in the body system. Bitter yam contains chemicals which are believed to be poisonous when consumed uncooked or wild.
Bitter yam, like most natural medicines are effective in curing certain diseases but nevertheless, it is best to consult with your doctor on the amount of dosage to take. This will help curb overdose and its consequences.

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