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all have that kid who makes it a marathon race for the parents before he or she is able to settle down and eat. Some parents result to turning on the television so that their kids could concentrate and eat. Television isn’t a bad idea but you could be raising a television addiction by doing so.
There are tricks to get your kid to eat without shouting. One of such is making meal time fun for your kid. This can be done in serving the food in the shape of numbers or alphabets. Kids love shapes. This makes them very interested to eat the food. You could use a really fancy plate. Something that depicts one of their favourite cartoons. By this, you don’t have to run around the house screaming and nagging to get them to eat.

As a kid, it’s normal to drop food on the floor or spill water. This is not a misbehaviour. It’s their age. Do not shout when this happens. This will make them zero their mind from touching that food at all. Rather, make them understand that it’s okay to mess things up. Then, teach them the act of cleaning up and they’d help you clean up when mess is everywhere.
A little walk with your kid before eating keeps their energy popping. Allow him or her run a little. After the whole activity, that kid will be psyched to eat.
Sometimes allow them choose what they want to eat. They may have a problem with a particular meal you serve and when you keep serving it, they keep fighting with you over it.
I hope these steps help you get your kid to eat without shouting.

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