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The World Health Organization (WHO) refers to herbal medicine as herbal materials, herbal preparations, and finished herbal products that contain whole plants, parts of plants, or other plant materials, including leaves, bark, berries, flowers, and roots, and/or their extracts as active ingredients intended for human therapeutic use or for other benefits in humans and sometimes animals. Simply put, herbal medicine is the use of plant to treat diseases. 
Herbal medicines are usually synonymous with Africa. This is because, Africa before civilization dwelt on the use of herbs to cure themselves of any ailment. They still dwell on these herbs and sort of combine it with pharmaceutical drugs. Some of these herbal medicine have more potency than drugs. Some pharmaceutical drugs are said to draw some of their ingredients from herbal medicine. Some of these herbs have active ingredients that are unknown which can really damage the system if taken carelessly. This is why it is advised to consult with your medical doctor or herbalist before

taking any medication

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