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The African palm fruits which is gotten from the Oil Palm tree are small oblong-shaped fruits that grow in groups of about hundreds close to the trunk on heavy bunches. The fruit is black and red in colour when ripe. The fruit also surrounds a white kernel which is edible.
It is best regarded as the African Palm fruit because Africa is the central home of palm fruit. Though some parts of Asia grow palm fruit because they are said to have copied it from Africa. The fruit is always in season and never out of season.
The Oil palm tree on its own is very beneficial. The large leaves of the oil palm tree are used in making broom. The oil extracted from the palm fruit are of two kinds. The palm oil and the palm kernel oil. The palm oil is gotten by squeezing the oil from the fibrous flesh of the  fruits which covers the inner kernel. The raw fibre after squeezing serves as feed to animals like squirrel. Some parts of Nigeria make a delicious soup with the palm oil which involves cooking the oil in its thick state with

vegetable, meat and spices. The soup is called banga by some and ofe akwụ by the Igbos. The bleached form of palm oil is incorporated in other forms of cooking.The palm kernel oil is like the coconut oil. It involves extracting oil from the kernel in palm fruits. The oil can be used for making confectioneries et cetera.

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