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has to do with feeding a baby exclusively with breast milk rather than partially or fully with formula. EBF stands for Extended Breast Feeding and it is the fundamental right of a baby. Just like how we enjoy some human rights enshrined in the Nigerian constitution, babies are entitled to exclusive breast feeding. No one is saying that it is compulsory, stamped and written that babies be exclusively fed with breast milk. It is advised that you concentrate on feeding your baby with breast milk for at least some couple of months before formula. It does your baby a lot of good.
Breast feeding provides the basic nutrition for your baby. It contains vitamins, proteins and fat in their right proportions. Breast milk is easily digested than the regular formula. When babies are exclusively fed for the first 6 months without formula, they usually rarely pay constant visit to hospitals. Breast milk contains antibodies that helps babies fight off bacteria and viruses. Breastfed babies gain the ideal weight instead of being overweight.

The benefits of breastfeeding babies are numerous. As a mother, there’s no beautiful feeling like having your baby on your laps and clutched to your breast. The bond you create with your baby is everything.

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